alternative Massive MIMO Setup, IIT Hyderabad


IIT Hyderabad, in collaboration with WiSig Networks has successfully developed and commercialized 5G technology, including an NB-IoT chipset. In the process, a wealth of new knowledge has been created. It is imperative that this knowledge be shared with as many young graduates in the country as possible in the shortest possible time.

alternative 5G Baseband Unit, IIT Hyderabad


We plan to train at least 500 engineers in advance wireless technologies. The country is moving towards indigenization of 5G networks which requires tens of thousands of skilled man power. This certificate program will help address the acute shortage of manpower in this domain.

Course Structure and Duration

The program will be of one year duration. It will essentially be comprised of the following modules.
  • 1

    Module 1: Data handling and Hardware Programming

    This will be completely hands on and should be sufficient for participants seeking entry level jobs in software/ hardware.

  • 3

    Module 3: Communication Engineering and Standards

    This will be completely online and should be sufficient for entry level jobs in the communication industry.

  • 2

    Module 2: Signal Processing and related hardware

    This will be in hybrid mode and should be sufficient for entry level in Signal Processing.

  • 4

    Module 4: Hands on training on 5G/6G project

    This will be done at the 5G/6G testbed at IITH either offline/online depending on the project requirement. Those who complete the project successfully are likely to pursue jobs in software/hardware/firmware design.


Partcipants will be paying for each module separately. After each module, there will be an evaluation.
There will be two cutoffs.

  • 1

    Below first cutoff

    Candidates will not receive any certificate and will be dropped from the course.

  • 2

    Above first cutoff and below second cutoff

    Candidates will receive a certificate for that module but will not be eligible for the next module.

  • 3

    Above second cutoff

    Candidates will receive a certificate for that module and will be eligible for the next module.

Those who successfully complete all four modules will be given the course completion certificate.


The eligible students should have a valid Diploma/BSc/B.Tech degree or equivalent from any branch of Science/ Engineering. UG Engineering students may join the program in the 8th semester after producing no objection certificate from their institute. Admission will be through written test, candidates will be tested on General Aptitude & Basic Mathematics.


Fee Structure

  • The overall cost is 2,45,000 INR
  • Upto 250 candidates will be offered scholarship of 25,000/month over the duration of the program
  • Upto 50 candidates will be offered pre placement offers
    * Offer details will be communicated to selected candidates
  • Upto 200 candidates will be offered project staff positions in 6G project IIT Hyderabad. (Project duration: 3 years)

Module 1

Introduction to Hardware/Software Programming

30,000 INR

Module 2

Signal Processing and FPGA

60,000 INR

Module 3

Wireless Communication and Standards

75,000 INR

Module 4

Hands on training on 5G/6G project

80,000 INR


Including everything.

2,45,000 INR

Admission Process

  • 1

    Apply on the Website

    Start here first!

  • 2

    Written Test

    Offline test will be conducted on 10th July and on 17th July. Candidates can appear on any one of the dates for test.

  • 3


    Selection will be based on cutoff marks.

  • ~

    Find the important dates

    > Registration start date: 13th June 2022
    > Registration end date: 10th July 2022
    > Exams dates: 10th July or 15th July
    > Program start date: 1st August 2022

  • ~


    General aptitude and basic mathematics



12 months Program

Fee will be charged per module. Candidate has the option to drop out any time.


Diploma/BSc/B.Tech or equivalent in any branch of Science/ Engineering
8th semester B.Techs are eligible upon producing an NOC from their institute.


Possible after each module

Contact Details

For registration questions please get in touch using the contact details below.


Program Partners

--- IIT Hyderabad

--- WiSig Networks Private Limited

--- IIITB Comet Foundation